Jina Studio is a trans-seasonal, ready-to-wear upcycling fashion brand with an emphasis on modern, minimalist yet unconventional designs. Our collections are handmade in small runs in Paris, using vintage clothes or deadstock fabric from other Fashion Houses. 


At Jina Studio, sustainability is at the core of every decision that we make. From compostable packaging to local sourcing, we try to lower our impact as much as possible.

We sincerely believe that you vote with your money. By supporting small brands that are trying to change current fashion culture, you are directly involved in this change.


By transforming existing and unwanted clothes into women’s wardrobe staples, we help reduce the demand for fast fashion and fight against the destructive consequences of this industry, both for the environment and in terms of human exploitation. We see the potential in every piece that we source and redesign them based on existing constraints. Our upcycling collections are made from vintage clothes, carefully selected in France and redesigned by hand in Paris.


For our core collection, we only use deadstock fabrics from other fashion houses. For whatever reason these fabrics were produced but didn’t get used in the production cycle as companies tend to overproduce and end up with excess raw materials. These fabrics can sit for years in factories or warehouses before being sent to landfills. At Jina Studio, we think that everything we need to create beautiful clothes already exist somewhere. We search for these leftover fabrics and give them a second life. Our core collection runs in very small edition, depending on the quantity of fabric that we find. When it’s sold out, there is almost no way for us to restock it, unless we find the exact same fabric again.This sourcing strategy allows us to provide high quality garments with the lowest impact on our planet.


For each product launch, you have two weeks to place your order, directly on our website. Then, we will produce your garment within 4 weeks in our Atelier. Thanks to this model, we can avoid waste by producing only what’s necessary. Once the piece is ready, we ship it out for you to enjoy.


Jina Studio
99 Avenue d'Italie,
75013 Paris - France